CA sponsors Thomson show

by Democrat reporter

Connolly Association executive member Peter Mulligan, presented deputy head education of Hammersmith and Fulham Council, councillor David Lawrence, with a commemorative 60th anniversary badge at the opening of the George Thomson in Ireland exhibition at the Hammersmith Irish Centre at the beginning of September.

Thomson, a Greek scholar and a committed marxist, first visited the Blasket Islands off the west coast of Ireland in 1923.

He spent several years with the people of the islands studying their language, history and culture.

Thomson went on to become professor of Greek at Galway University before moving back to England in 1934 where he continued a successful academic career, including 33 years as professor of Greek at Birmingham University.

However, he never lost his political beliefs and will be remembered for his commitment to working-class education, which included giving lectures to factory workers at Birmingham's Austin car plant.

The exhibition, which was on display in the Hammersmith centre throughout September, was put together by Birmingham City Council from personal letters and photographs loaned by George Thomson's widow, Katharine.

The exhibition in Hammersmith was sponsored by the Connolly Association.

October/November 2001

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