New editor appointed

by Derek Kotz

The IRISH Democrat is pleased to announce the appointment of a new editor, 25-year-old Corkman Pádraig Reidy.

The directors of Connolly Publications Ltd, the company formally responsible for the publication of the Irish Democrat, made the appointment at the beginning of July.

He replaces the current editor David Granville, who has been in the post for the past seven and a half years and who will continue to contribute to the paper and update the Irish Democrat website.

Padraig will be assisted by a newly appointed editorial panel and technical support team. Born and raised in Cork, Padraig moved to London five years ago to study journalism, philosophy and economics at City University.

In addition to gaining experience as a journalist at theIrish Examiner, he has contributed to various publications, including the British-based Irish cultural magazine RíRá, and in 2000 was named as the Irish Post’s Young Sports Journalist of the Year.

He graduated from university in 2001 having completed his final dissertation on the Irish community in north London. Since then he has had various jobs, including working as a freelance journalist.

“I think the coming years will be an exciting period in Irish history and I’m delighted to be taking up the challenge as editor,” he said.
“I hope that I can help the paper retain its place as a key commentator on Anglo-Irish relations as well as on wider political, economic and social issues of relevance to people in Britain and Ireland.”
“I am pleased to be handing the Democrat over intact into a safe pair of hands,” outgoing editor David Granville said.
“The Irish Democrat has a long and honourable history of campaigning for a united and independent Ireland and for the rights of the Irish in Britain, and under Pádraig that tradition is set to continue long into the future.”

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