Association appeals for help and new recruits

An appeal by Connolly Association general secretary Jim Redmond

THE CONNOLLY ASSOCIATION can be proud of its past. As Derek Warfield, leader of folk group the Wolfe Tones said recently:

“The Connolly Association is one of the few political organisation that have stood the test of time, they have lived through the rough times and never wavered in their campaign to end partition, or in their efforts to enhance and assist the well-being of the Irish in Britain.”

Our greatest strength is our unfaltering commitment to a united and independent Ireland and our ability and eagerness to take political action to move us closer to our goal.

Our single greatest challenge now is that we once again organise and utilise our strengths to step up our campaign and persuade this in government and power of the need for rapid and immediate action to secure the success of the Good Friday agreement.

This is the task we set ourselves. We know that volunteers in the CA already do an unbelievable amount of campaign work, much of which goes unheralded by the public and with very little reward beside the satisfaction of knowing that their action has moved the case for a united and independent Ireland forward.

To those members who have already responded to the Association’s recent call for support, we wish to express our heartfelt gratitude. But we need more active members who can contribute and participate in the work that must be done.

To meet this challenge we must be professional in our approach: we must lobby MPs and decision makers, we must organise more public meetings, sell more newspapers and make increase the profile of the Four Provinces Bookshop by extending opening hours.

Do you want to help? Do you want to play a part in shaping a united Ireland?

If so, all the Connolly Association asks is that you contact us and offer whatever support you can. There is a role for you in the Connolly Association.

Jim Redmond, general secretary

If you would like to offer assistance, telephone 020 7833 3022, or email

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